The John Fisher School


The value of touring is well documented, offering an opportunity of a life time for pupils to experience other countries and cultures, and playing against top opposition.

Our senior rugby tour forms an integral part of the whole school rugby programme and our rugby history. The tradition and ethos of our senior rugby tour has always been to give every pupil playing rugby the opportunity to go on tour. For over twenty years Canada & Italy were the favoured destinations, with the last four senior tours having ventured to South Africa. In the summer of 2013 the school will depart to New Zealand for the first time in the school’s history.

 Past Senior Rugby Tours:

  • 1987 – Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • 1989 – Italy (Treviso, Padua, Calvisano)
  • 1991 – Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • 1993 – Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • 1995 – Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • 1997 – Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • 1999 – Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • 2001 – Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • 2003 – Canada (Vancouver, Calgary)
  • 2005 – South Africa (Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town)
  • 2007 – South Africa (Cape Town, Durban)
  • 2009 – South Africa (Cape Town, Durban)
  • 2011 – South Africa (Cape Town, Durban)
  • 2013 – New Zealand (Wangarai, Auckland, Hamilton - North Island)
  • 2015 - South Africa (Cape Town, Durban) and Swaziland

Forthcoming Senior Rugby Tour Summer 2017:

  • South Africa (Cape Town, Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Pretoria)

Fundraising for tours

Fundraising has been extremely important part of the preparation for every tour helping to supplement additional costs such as playing kit, excursions, and food.

Any families or businesses that would like to sponsor the tour are welcome to get in touch with the Head of Sport.

Fundraising events coming up 2016-2017 for the next tour:

- Supporting JFS Fete 2nd May 2016.

- Pre Whitgift Coach/Parent Social, Friday 7th October at school pavilion - 7.30pm start.

- Supporting JFS Festive Fireworks, Saturday 6th October 2014.

- Supporting JFS St Patrick's Night, March date TBC.

- Golf day - Easter (date/venue TBC).

- Sponsored run to Twickenham Stadium, (Easter holidays - date TBC).

- Supporting JFS Fete May 2017.