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Altar Servers - St Stephen Medals

12 Jan 2016

"On the 8th December Fr James (our school chaplain) proudly presented St Stephen Medals to the following students of Year 8; John Joe Dolan, Piotr Bryrs, Askash Michael and Lewis Connor. This is a long standing tradition here at Fisher that those students who have faithful and reverently served either weekly Benediction or pre School morning Mass will be enrolled into the Guild of St Stephen. St Stephen was the first martyr for Christ following His Ascension into heaven. He is the patron saint of Altar Servers throughout the world. The medals hang from a red cord reminding the servers to imitate St Stephen who was faithful even to death.  During the same ceremony Antonio Chester in Year 11 renewed his promises as a guild member and was presented with his 'Senior Cotta,' the red crosses re a further reminder of St Stephen.

Athul Thomas of Year 11 presented with his 'Senior Cotta' this term."

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Altar Servers - St Stephen Medals