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"A Lesson From Auschwitz": Yr10 and 13 History trip

05 Nov 2015

On Friday 23rd October the History Department took 29 Year 10 students to see the play "A Lesson from Auschwitz" by Brother Wolf theatre company, performed at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley.  The play centred around Rudolf Höss, Commandant of the Nazi concentration camp known as Auschwitz. He addressed the audience as if we were the assembled SS personnel in a secret meeting in 1941. The aim of the meeting was to introduce a new method for exterminating Europe's Jews: Zyklon B, a deadly poison gas. Every soldier in attendance was sworn to secrecy, and no one questioned its usage. No one except a lone Jewish prisoner, forced to participate and humiliated throughout; the very prisoner upon which this "lesson" would be demonstrated. The twist at the end of the play (which I won't reveal) was unexpected and the acting was superb. The whole performance was incredibly moving and certainly got us to think about
how and why the Nazis did what they did.

Two of our 6th form historians also attended the play. They had been given the opportunity at the start of the year to visit Auschwitz, through the History Department's participation in the Holocaust Educational Trust programme. The two boys will be leading assemblies to all year groups in January to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day.

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Auschwitz History trip