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Historical Fiction Competition 2016

25 May 2016

The History Department runs a number of competitions each year – the most recent has been the Historical Fiction Competition.  The top three entries in the school competition are entered into the national competition run by the Historical Association.  The winner of this competition gets their story published on their website, a cash prize and a trophy! A few years ago we  won first prize in the national competition and we have high hopes for our entries this year...


We had over twenty entries this year and the stories were set in a wide range of historical periods from Classical Greek history, the Viking raids, Medieval England, the Spanish Armada, the Napoleonic era, the First and Second World Wars and 1950s America. Our three winners were as follows:

For Year 7: Joey Cope with his story “Knocked Out Blank” This was the story of a 13 year old violently press-ganged into joining the navy. He finds himself aboard the HMS Victory under Nelson’s command. His job is the ‘powder monkey’ supplying the gunpowder for the cannons. He takes part in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and sees Nelson die. In a strange twist he finds himself unconscious a second time. When he awakes he is back home – but with Nelson’s hankerchief in his pocket!

For Year 8: Jonathan Kasozi with his story “Living a Different Colour”  This story is set in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1950s and tells of a young boy who struggles to understand why he is treated differently in this tale of discrimination and racism in the Deep South.

For Year 9: Simon Dasig: “Witches and Stitches” This tells of a woman persecuted as a witch in Medieval England. Blamed for the spread of the Black Death the central character has a violent and tragic end in this descriptive and moving story.


Well done to all who took part!!

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Historical Fiction Competition 2016