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Year 8 London Zoo Trip

15 Jun 2016

On Wednesday the 8th June Year 8 went to London Zoo because in biology we are learning about ecosystems and adaptations. The weather there was hot and sunny until we were leaving and it started raining a lot.

The animals there were outstanding and very interesting and the main attractions were the gorillas, penguins, lions and the ‘what’s on live’, these were talks put on by the zoo staff about the animals. The penguins were interesting because they were doing a show and we saw them swimming for their food. The two different types of penguin there was the Humboldt and the Rockhopper penguins.

The gorillas were very exciting to watch, at one point one of the gorillas jumped and hit the glass… everyone thought that it was going to break! We also saw the baby Gorillas with their parents and they looked really small and adorable. The live show was amazing because we saw meerkats, rats, armadillos and birds of prey. The birds of prey were especially exciting because they flew into the audience and you felt like you were in the wild. We were even allowed to take pictures of them.

The lions were fascinating but sleepy as it was so hot. We were told that they had only just been moved to their new enclosure so they were a bit scared. We did find out that lions sleep 20 hours a day. Over all the zoo trip was amazing and I would love to do it again.

The teachers were very nice and I would especially like to thank Miss Hall, Mr Gun, the three coach drivers for taking us all and all the other staff that came on the trip with us.


By Connor Cecil 8F

More pictures - click here

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Year 8 London Zoo trip