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Zoo Lab Visit

19 Jul 2016

As we entered the hall we were greeted by Alan from Zoo Lab who explained to us that the animals he had with him could be found in the rainforest. The first creature we saw was an African snail. It was quite big for your average snail but then we were told that it can grow to the same size as a football and carry a small child on their backs!


We were then shown a Madagascan hissing cockroach, which hisses when it is startled and wants to get rid of unwanted creatures. A cockroach can also live for an average of a week without a head because they don’t need much food and water. They will eat anything if they have to survive but since they are scavengers they would only eat another creature if it was dead.

Next was a leopard gecko. The skin was bumpy and dry. An interesting fact is that when the gecko is threatened by a predator such as a bird of prey it would release it’s tail as a distraction. The tail can even live for 2 hours after being detached before dying. This gives the gecko a chance to get away from the predator and then the tail can grow back.

Finally, we were shown a Mexican milk snake, which is not poisonous but the colours indicate to predators that it might be. The snake likes to stay up high in the trees because it feasts on birds and their eggs. It wraps itself round branches tightly so it doesn’t fall down.

Afterwards everyone talked to each other about how the experience was very interesting and helped with topics in Geography and Science.  


Pierce Hickey 7M

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Zoo Lab Visit