The John Fisher School


Striving for Excellence

At The John Fisher School we encourage pupils to make the most of their God-given gifts. Academically, results at Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level and Btec have been consistently high year on year. The latest Ofsted inspection rated the standards achieved by learners as being outstanding and states, "The standards achieved at the end of Year 11 are exceptionally high and pupils' progress from where they started is good...".

In recent years the range of traditional courses available to pupils has been enhanced by the addition of Btec courses in Business, Sports and IT. Pupils at Key Stage 4 are also able to access courses at local colleges and schools. The School aims to develop as broad a curriculum as possible offering pupils appropriate learning pathways, taking account of national initiatives. In addition, our school has invested resources in developing the opportunities for teachers and pupils to make use of the latest technologies in accessing on-line learning. The School now enjoys growing reputation for the development of its virtual learning environment allowing pupils and parents full interactive access to their work and resources at home. Pupils joining the school will not only have access to a full range of academic subjects but also be supported in developing life-long learning through our skills programme.

Pupils, supported by their parents, are encouraged to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities for personal development outside the traditional classroom environment. In Sport, opportunities exist across the full range of sports for pupils to participate at the very highest levels. In rugby the John Fisher School has been recognized as one of the foremost state schools and has enjoyed considerable success in this game at the highest level. The school also has an excellent reputation in cricket and athletics. In Music, the Chapel Choir offers pupils an unrivaled opportunity to participate at the very highest level in national and international festivals and competitions. In addition to sports and music, pupils participate in activities such as drama, debating, chess and various house competitions.

As part of the broader curriculum experience pupils have access to a full range of trips and visits. Each year all pupils have an opportunity to participate in our varied Retreat programme. Recent trips abroad include: Choir Olympics in Austria, Rugby tours to South Africa, History visits to Berlin as well as the First World War Battlefields, Ski trips to the USA, France, and Italy and much more. Closer to home all subject departments take advantage of the opportunity to visit museums, galleries and theatres in and around London.