The John Fisher School


‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.' (William James)

The Psychology Department

  • Mr A Thistle

Psychology at The John Fisher School


Autumn Term

Unit 1:

Memory & Attachment


Unit 1:

Research Methods

Unit 4:

Addiction & Depression

  Unit 4: Advanced Research Methods
Spring Term

Unit 2:

Abnormality & Social Influence

Unit 2:



Unit 3:

Relationships & Gender

Unit 3:




Minimum of one 12 mark essay per week at AS and one 24 mark essay per week at A2 (preferably 2), and relevant past paper questions.

All Essays need to be planned; self assessed, and completed following teacher feedback - all of these sheets are contained within the essay assessment booklet given to all students.

Electronic mark books to record the status of the homework, thereby allowing interventions for issues in progress and organisation.


Course Booklet - CLICK HERE

BPS Careers Information - CLICK HERE

Mind Map: Ideas- CLICK HERE

Mind Map: Cartoons - CLICK HERE

To Extend Learning

Extra Support


Wider Reading Folder

Lectures to attend and discuss

Discussion group (A2 only)

Psychology Library (higher education books)

Work Experience Options (see ZJ)

Essay Writing Frames

Notes Pages

Recommended Workbook


Exam Papers booklet for each unit

Exemplar Material Booklet for each Unit

Workbook for each unit

HW log book for each unit (with essay planning and feedback sheets) 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Visit to Bethlem Royal Hospital

Science Museum All About Me and Brains Exhibition

Public Lectures

Visiting professionals from different psychology related fields

Fortnightly discussion group (A2)

University Research Visits

Independent research projects

Guidance on how to spend Study Time

  • Completing Homework Tasks
  • Going through notes in workbooks with the textbook and ensuring all are clear and detailed and well understood- ticking of the self assessment sheet at the start of the workbook as you go
  • Completing questions from the past paper booklet, marking them using the mark schemes and passing back to the teacher
  • Wider reading from the course booklet or psychology library in room 161
  • Studying the exemplar materials booklet from the exam board
  • Reading through and improving/planning all essays returned from your teachers