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Visit of Old Boy George Brookes

09 Feb 2016

The John Fisher School’s oldest living former student, George Brookes, visited the school recently. Mr Brookes is a sprightly ninety five years of age and attended The John Fisher School on the very first day it existed in nineteen twenty nine. The school premises at that time was at Duppas Hill near the Croydon flyover. There were twenty students and four teachers in the first year under the Headship of Canon Byrne, the founder of the school. The popularity of the school after the first year meant that a larger building was required. At the same time, the Falconbury Preparatory School in Peaks Hill was about to close and The John Fisher School moved to our present site. The Falconbury crest is still present above the main entrance. Mr Brookes spent his working life as an Engineer with British Telecom and he has always taken an active interest in the school. 

Mr Brookes met with some of our Year 9 students before touring the school with our Headteacher Mr McCullagh. He spoke about his time at school and answered several questions from our students. Mr Brookes spoke at length about the values that were instilled in to the boys when he was a student and it was very encouraging to hear that the values that The John Fisher School had in his school days are pretty much unchanged today. When asked by  our students to explain these values further, he mentioned many of the values that form the word ASPIRE, which now appears on the wall of our reception.  Mr Brookes made a particular emphasis on the word Integrity, and how honesty, moral principles and a strong Catholic faith would lead to a successful and happy life.

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Visit of Old Boy George Brookes