The John Fisher School

GCSE & A level Exam Results 2016

GCSE Results 2015

90% of all students attained A*-C grades in Maths

91% attained A*-C grades in English

95% of all students attained A*-C in Science

1/3 of all GCSE grades in Maths were an A*/A grade

3 levels of Progress in English: 87% and 4 levels of Progress: 38%

3 levels of Progress in Maths: 85% and 4 levels of Progress: 45%

1/2 of all GCSE grades in Biology were an A*/A grade

1/2 of all GCSE grades in Physics were an A*/A grade

3/4 or all GCSE grades in Chemistry were an A*/A  grade

7 students made 5 levels of Progress in Science!

81.3% of students attained 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths (a 9% increase from 2014)

Close to 1/4 of all grades at GCSE was an A* or A.

Our highest performer secured 12 A* grades and the second highest performer secured 11A* grades.

We are particularly proud of our highest valued added score (1029) and the progress all our students made (Progress 8 Score: 0.24)


A Level & BTEC Results 2015

26% of all grades at A level were an A*/A grade (an increase of 10% from 2014 to 2015)

Including BTEC qualifications, 37% of grades awarded were A*-A/Distinction*-Distinction

In Maths, 3 out of every 4 grades were an A*/A grade

One student secured 100% in all of his A level modules!

50% of all A Level grades awarded were A*-B (54% A*-B including BTEC's) 

82% of all A level grades were A*-C (84% A*-C including BTEC's)

99% of all A level grades were A*-E

A Level ALPs 'Outstanding/Excellent': Maths, History, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Music, Art, Media.

A Level ALPs 'Very Good': Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology

A Level ALPs 'Good': Classics, Physical Education

93% of students have secured a place at University  with one third of the students going to a Russell Group University, England's most prestigious universities.


Please refer to the DFE website for historic performance. The link is: